Terms and Conditions

Only Nest products purchased from APP Plumbing and Heating can be entered. APP Plumbing and Heating supply the Independent Merchant sector only and do not supply any installers or homeowners. These are stockists of Nest products and require to be Authorised Resellers of Nest products to the Trade in the Nest Pro Channel. The offer is not open to Nest Pro Installers or any retail customers or any purchases from the retail sector.

The Trustbond Lottery reserves the right to pay out a prize if the product is deemed not to be purchased through the correct channel or stockist. Only entries by designated Nest Authorised Stockists will be accepted.

Entry rules:
1. All entrants are accepted so in the full knowledge of the entants company owner or senior management.
2. The person entering must ensure their company or employer is aware and happy for them to enter on behalf of them.
3. You may enter as many serial numbers as you have purchased units in the current month.
4. Serial numbers can only be entered into any draw once. and a validity check is carried out when they are entered.
5. Only Nest products purchased from APP Wholesale qualify for entry, and at the time of the draw, winning serial numbers will be checked against those supplied from Nest to verify supply route.

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